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Midnight Run - Lisa Marie Rice I can't help myself. I have a soft spot for Lisa Marie Rice and her Over Alpha heroes. I don't even mind her drippy heroines too much.

By rights, when I do a clearly objective inventory of stuff that I enjoy or works for me in a book, every single thing about this book should be in the 'No' column. I mean if you told me that this book features a plot where H/h meet in a bar, the heroine (who is a virgin) takes the guy home and they begin having Super Sexy Sex all weekend, are in love and engaged by the end of the weekend -- I should be saying 'uh...no.' But that is the weird alchemy that this author seems to work in her books for me.

Seriously, the fact that the hero, Bud, can keep it up ALL. NIGHT. LONG. With no breather and no....er...um...diminishment in between should be a serious eye-roller for me.

Or how about this gem?:

'I'm going to fuck you all day... when I said all day, I meant it. We'll stop to eat and I'll put up those shelves I saw in your storeroom earlier...maybe I'll catch the game this afternoon. Recover a little. But the rest of the day you'll be on your back, or on top or in whatever position you want to be, as long as I'm inside you...I'll let you wear clothes," he growled rough;y as he spread his fingers, opening her up..."but no underwear."

By rights this should be wall-banging material. But I can't help myself. I liked Bud's go-get-'em attitude. You gotta love a guy who manages to side-schedule in some household chores and a ball-game into an all-day sex-fest. To be fair, he does multi-task as he and Claire actually have sex while he watches the game. But that is just how Bud rolls.

Yeah, yeah, yeah there is some other stuff about murderers, kidnappers and jewel thieves ...blah,blah blah but none of that is nearly as much fun as simply wallowing in the sheer uber-maleness that is Bud.

For LMR fans or readers who love their heroes to be on the Super Alpha side this book is a must!