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Lessons From a Scarlet Lady - Emma Wildes Very Cute book.

Brianna has been married to her husband The Duke of Rolthven for just a few months and she finds marriage very satisfactory. She also means to keep it that way. She is determined that her husband never has to stray outside of marriage. To that end, she gets her hands on a very scandalous book written by someone named Lady Rothburg. Lady R. gives young wives and women tips on not only how to please their men in the bedroom but also insights on the male psyche.

With book in hand, Brianna begins her seige of her husband, much to the stuffy Duke's outrage...and delight....and bafflement.

For his part Colton is intrigued by his demonstrably amorous bride. At first. Even as she starts to pull him out of his own self-important shell, he can't help but wonder how she's learning all this stuff?

I really liked this book. It starts off great with Brianna firing her first salvo in the form of a very, very risque gown for a night at the opera. Her poor husband just doesn't know what hit him.

I especially enjoyed how the author position both Brianna and Colton as the story plays out. She is young, beautiful and determined to make her husband love her and much as she loves him. Colton is the template for many young Dukes in historical romances. He has always been aware that he'd inherit the dukedom hence his personality is one of restraint and withering responsibility. Yet when it comes to his wife he is kept off balance a lot. There was a lightness to the story that continued throughout even as Colton began to fear exactly how Brianna was learning all her new cool bedroom tricks.

It could have become something angsty but it didn't. Colton was uncomfortable and miserable in his suspicions. And the author doesn't drag it out very long. Brianna cottons to his suspicious rather quickly and confronts him dead on.

There is another romance plot in the book between Rebecca (Brianna's best friend) and Robert, Colton's youngest brother. It would be a misnomer to even call it a B-plot since it probably takes up as much space in the book as Brianna & Colton's romantic plot. But it was equally intriguing.

I do think Robert and Rebecca's romance felt a bit shorted though. At least Brianna/Colton's plot had a running start as they were already married and held each other in much affection. But in R&R's case, there was a major impediment with her father that I felt was glossed over a bit too quickly and they felt rushed.

But still really enjoyed this book!