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Almost Perfect (Fool's Gold, Book 2) - Susan Mallery Lightning review:

2.5 stars really.

Hero was a jerk. Member of founding family in town who dated & got pregnant poor abused girl from wrong side of the tracks. Insisted they keep relationship a secret. Later when asked, he not only denied knowing her in front of friends (even after declaring undying love) but made a nasty remark about her. Years later used 'Young and stupid' excuse. I wasn't buying it because when Heroine comes back 10 years later with secret baby/son in tow. Hero was still a loser jerk. I should've realized he be an ass-clown in his own book because he was a bit of an entitled asshole (and a shitty friend) in the previous book as well.

Heroine, Liz was actually a breath of fresh air. She, like, used her brains and thought through stuff and acted like an adult. She was too good for him. I gave the book and extra half star because of her.