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Lady with a Black Umbrella - Mary Balogh Pure, unadulterated fluff. And so fun to read.

Unlike the other Balogh regencies that I have been reading that have some serious themes and angsty heroes/heroines, this one is straight fun and humor.

The heroine Daisy is the daughter of an obscenely wealthy baron who died and left his daughters as his heiresses. Daisy has never married and thinks of herself as an aging spinster with lots of sense. She will tell this to everyone and anyone who will listen, except those listeners often look at the lovely, young twenty five year old with disbelief when she makes this announcement. Her biggest dream is to have her incredibly lovely younger sister, Rose, have a season and make a brilliant match.

On their way to London, Daisy notices a gentleman being set upon by a trio of thugs and rushes out to save him with nothing on but a night-dress, facial cream (she hates her freckles) and a black umbrella.

Giles, Lord Kinkade is nonplussed upon seeing his savior. But what is even worse, by the time he has gotten to London the whole story has gotten around and Giles finds himself being teased mercilessly.

He is incredibly exasperated by Daisy and seeks her out to give her a blistering set-down. Except, somehow, bewilderingly he has managed to introduce Daisy to his aunt who ends up sponsoring Rose's come-out. And this begins the fun, funny romance of Daisy and Giles.

What I loved, loved, loved about this book is how great Daisy and Giles were together. Daisy thinks she is a six foot tall, lioness, with great good sense and who can accomplish anything. She is oblivious to insult and manages always to somehow, to the utter bewilderment of Giles, make her crazy schemes happen. She says exactly what she thinks and I love reading the dialog between her and Giles because conversations never, ever turns out the way he thinks they should.

There is a razor thin plot about a dastardly marquis and his son who attempt to prey on heiresses in very dastardly ways. And it does add a tiny bit of intrigue. But all in all this is pure romantic comedy.

I grinned the entire time I read it.