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Archangel's Blade - Nalini Singh I haven't enjoyed a book in this series this much since the first one. Loved Dmitri's story and his back-story. I loved that he didn't get softened up. He's still Raphael's second and he still makes people pee themselves just by knocking on their door.

I liked Honor, the heroine but I didn't connect with her as much. It is inevitable that a reader of the series will connect with Dmitri given his presence in the books of the series and Honor's not-presence. I think it would have been impossible to make the reader as invested in Honor as in Dmitri. But she hold up against him well.

I adored the ending and the resolution. I wasn't surprised given how much was telegraphed through-out the course of the story. But I have to give Singh props, she managed to neatly circumvent one of my pet peeves in paranormal novels. I am never completely satisfied with why a long-lived, centuries old vampire or other paranormal creature would suddenly fall ass-backwards in love with this mortal. What is so special about her that a millenia of love-making, romantic cynicism or what have you is suddenly rendered inconsequential. Often this is not explained or demonstrated well in books. But Singh works that out for me quite nicely.

I also liked the further glimpses we get of some of the other Seven. Well done.

Highly recommended!