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This Side of the Grave - Jeaniene Frost Up to this point my enjoyment of this series has been rocking along quite well (first book notwithstanding). But that came to screeching halt with this one.

Cat and Bones are still a great couple, better together than apart. I am also enjoying the merry little band of vamps they have surrounded themselves with, even though I do miss Cat working with her old team. But this installment left me wanting.

I know that since Cat and Bones are solidly married in a marriage that makes 'Til Death Do Us Part' take on a whole new meaning and they are happy and solid, the 'romance' part of paranormal romance is kinda moot. So we have to rely on death-defying action plots. Again, I am fine with this. The conflict impetus has to come from somewhere. But frankly the conflict was my first issue with the book.

I know that Cat is special, but I think the 'everybody wants to kill Cat at all costs' theme has gotten a bit old. I can't help but think of the Kate Daniels series where Kate is always in a fight to the death but most of the time it is stuff she gets sucked into and isn't directed at her. I also thought the impact of a ghoul v. vampire war would have had larger impact if the four previous books had even alluded to 'racial' unrest or even shown in any way why ghouls would think of vamps as being their oppressors. None of that was evident in the previous books, so this came out of the blue and it just felt all very 'plot-pointy'.

Unless of course the ghoul v. vamp war kicked off in some other series I was supposed to have read before this book. Which brings me to my other big issue.

The last I saw of Denise in book 4 she was a human, grieving widow. Suddenly in this book #5 she is shape-shifting demon in love with Spade? In Book #4 Mencheres was a tormented, centuries old gloomy Master Vamp. But in Book 5 he's schmoopy in love and love-shacking it up with a cop. Apparently this all happened in First Drop of Crimsonand Eternal Kiss of Darkness. Except I didn't read those books because they are a whole different series...same universe but still a different series. But I've been reading this series since book one. So imagine my surprise when I am reading this book, I come across these major developments with these continuing characters. And not just that, they are mentioned casually and offhandedly as if I am supposed to already know what happened. I swear I thought I missed a book. This annoyed the crap out of me. I expect to miss stuff if I had missed a book in this. series. I didn't expect to have to keep up with a whole other series too.

Man, it is always around book 5 good series starts to lose it. I'll still read the next installment but only because I want to see what happens with Don.