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Good Girls Don't - Victoria Dahl So this the very first book by this author that I have been able to read past chapter three. Which is a good thing.

It was a quick, easy read that had some really good moments but it also had some glaring flaws.

I actually thought the hero and heroine had great chemistry and also had a believable conflict. Tessa had major trust issues which felt believable to me. Luke is a super honorable guy who has problems opening up. Of the two I thought Luke was more sympathetic than Tess. Much of the disastrous problems facing Tess in the course of the story were of her own making. It is somewhat ironic that she finds it hard to trust people, and yet she steadfastly lies and kept secrets and tried to manipulate events all throughout the book.

Still, I didn't dislike her. I thought everything sorta snowballed out of her control. Which felt really believable.

I also liked the brothers for different reasons. Like Tessa, I though Jaimie sometimes didn't think. But it didn't make me dislike him.

What I did heartily dislike was the unhealthy interest the brothers had in Tessa's love and sex life. She's 27 years old. They treated her like she was sixteen and couldn't think or make decisions for herself. I supposed some might this this is sweet. I think it is creepy.

As I stated above, I did think the H/h had great chemistry, but honestly I thought the sub-plot about Luke's partner Simone and her mystery pregnancy was actually a more compulsively readable story than the A-plot. That is what kept the pages turning for me. Man, I'd love for Simone to find love because I felt her story had the emotional tug that the main story was missing.