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The Serpent Prince - Elizabeth Hoyt I like this one a tick less than The Raven Prince.

Surprisingly, Simon worked for me and normally he should not. I am impatient with wounded, self-loathing heroes. But the author lightens him up with bits of humor and whimsy. By all rights those moments of lightness and sometimes off-beat wit should feel incongruous with his darkness and his single minded revenge quest, but they do not.

The plot of this book is based on Simon avenging his brother's death. I love me a good revenge yarn. Just love 'em. But I like them to be cleverly plotted. For instance Jane Feather's Virtue is a great revenge plot book. Cleverly executed and gives the reader satisfaction while still fulfilling the adage about it being a 'two-edged' sword.

The revenge plot here makes the story lose a star. I couldn't help but go all fan-fic in my head while reading and thinking the story would have been stronger if Simon had financially destroyed the men rather than just dueled with them since their fear of financial ruin is what started the whole mess in the first place. But then again, that wasn't Simon's character. He wasn't set up as a thinker, but rather as a do-er. In the end, nothing really changed and more people got hurt.

I did like Lucy, I liked that she was fierce and strong and sweet and just right for Simon. I loved the fact that he was so stupid in love with her.