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Hidden Fire - Jo Davis I skipped over the 2nd book in the series because my library didn't have it, but I don't feel I missed anything by skipping it.

Another book that goes down easy. The things that make this book good are the same things I liked in the first book, Trial by Fire. And the things that stopped this book from being a five or even four star for me are the same things that I had problems with in the first book as well. Mainly the thin details on fire-fighting and the villain.

At this point I almost feel that the fact that the characters are fire-fighters is almost incidental. A hook or gimmick to connect the stories. We get maybe one, if we are lucky, two incidents that have anything to do with firefighting. The rest is bound up in the suspense storyline. The characters could have been almost any profession really.

This book was also a bit hampered by what I call coincidence-itis. I thought there were too many places where the hero's past and present converged in a way that didn't feel completely plausible.

But I continue to like the character interaction, especially among the team. I also like the continuing sub-plot with Sean. The intervention was a great scene and I think how the author is dealing with his struggle with alcoholism feels realistic and is paced really well.