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Treading Water (Treading Water Trilogy) - Marie Force I liked this book quite a bit despite some the moments when I wanted smack some of the characters upside the head. Hard.

So here's the thing, Jack's wife of 20 years, Clare, gets hit by a car and goes into a coma. Everybody except Jack are basically saying "she's had it." After about year and a half, where Jack doesn't give up on his comatose wife, sits by her side everyday (luckily he's super rich so he doesn't have to work or anything) his family basically tells him he needs to start living again and take care of his three daughters who have also been completely traumatized by watching their mother get hit by a car right in front of their eyes.

So Jack rejoins the living and soon he meets the super hot Andi. They fall in love. Andi moves in with him and they begin a life together.

But what about the comatose wife, you ask? Well she's still comatose and no Jack has no intentions of divorcing her. That would be cruel.

You know, I am fine with this dilemma as a conflict in romance. Some readers (and I have heard from them) practically puked a kidney in rage at this scenario. I actually liked it. It was just thorny and angsty enough that I think it makes for great reading.

What didn't work so well, imo, were the reactions of the people surrounding the issue. Jack was blithely ok about Andi basically giving up her life to come live in his wife's house with him and his daughters. He is utterly ok with the situation. Yeah, he grieves over his comatose wife, but he makes it clear that he will never divorce her. Meanwhile Andi goes along with this. I wish, wish, wish that both of them -- Andi especially -- had struggled with this fact a lot more. I wish Andi had more misgivings about what she was getting into than she did. I wish Andi had more trepidation about what her future would bring. But they both were so blase about it.

Everyone around them seemed to just be blinded by Jack & Andi's overwhelming love, that nobody (except Andi's mother, thank God!) seemed to pay any attention to the white elephant in the room.

Until the white elephant comes out of her coma. I do have to give it up to the author, this made for great melodrama. Finally this is where Andi starts to react the way she should have been reacting all along.

But I do have to go ranty-mcrantypants on Jack right about now Clare having woken up 3 years later to a world vastly different from when she went into her coma, does the gracious thing and gives Jack a divorce because Jack wouldn't man-up and make that decision himself. But once that happens, he rushes the divorce through and whirlwinds Andi into a wedding because he doesn't want that the twins Andi is pregnant to be born out of wedlock. WTF?!?!? Andi found out she was pregnant before Clare came out of her coma. Jack was thrilled and happy. But not once did he even contemplate divorcing Clare. He was content for her to still be his wife while he was planning the birth of his kids with another woman. He didn't seem to have any problem with them being born out of wedlock then. Guh!

Still this was a page turner. But I do believe that if as a reader you don't like even the whiff of adultery or cheating in romances, stay far, far way. Your blood pressure will thank you.