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Nice Girls Don't Date Dead Men - Molly Harper This series is funny and cute. However I can't muster the enthusiasm to give the installments I've read so far more than 3-stars.

The biggest thing is that, well, the story wasn't about much. Jane's best friend Zeb is marrying Jolene, a werewolf and this book is mostly about the wedding shenanigans. Jolene's family are broadly drawn -- they eat a lot and live in the family compound mostly in trailers. They mostly hate the idea that she's marrying Zeb. Zeb's mother really hates the idea that Zeb is marrying anyone but Jane and tries her level best to sabotage the wedding. ....And that is pretty much the story. Zeb's mother trying to sabotage his wedding.

So while the weakness of the installment is that it really isn't about much, the strength is the writing, the charm and humor. But the overall effect is like cotton candy. Fun while you're eating it but the effect disappears quickly.

I will say that I am really over the trope of the put upon young heroine who is misunderstood/taken-advantage-of/benignly ignored by her over the top, super wacky family. I don't know what it is about my book choices or if that is what humor writers think is funny all the time?