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If You See Her - Shiloh Walker The middle book picks right where the first book If You Hear Her left off.

In the previous book, the serial killer set a series of events in motion to throw the scent off him and onto others. It worked a little too well. A night of terrible violence culminated in the death of a deputy, Law was beaten into a coma and Hope confined, put on suicide watch and was mere moments away from criminal charges.

As this book opens, The killer is busy congratulating himself on a job of fine mis-direction. But his sense of well being ends all too soon.

Remy, the handsome DA, is reluctant to bring a warrant. His instincts are telling him something isn't right and it isn't just because he finds himself irrevocably drawn to Hope. Law awakes from his coma and has a disturbing story to tell about the night in question. And Ezra, the seasoned cop, is convinced they've been handed an elaborate set up even though he personally has not authority to investigate anything.

Hope is cleared, much to her relief. But her relief is short-lived as her abusive ex-husband has decided he wants his errant wife back and he decides to head to Ash to get her. But Hope has an unlikely champion.

This book features Hope and Remy as the main couple. Of the three books I felt this was the weakest in the romance department. For one, I wasn't as sold on the Hope/Remy romance as I was on Lena/Ezra. It felt expedient rather than natural. I also didn't get the sense of chemistry between Hope & Remy that I did with the other two couples.

I was actually more absorbed by the increasingly desperate actions of the serial killer as he gets more and more nervous about being discovered. We still have no idea who it is although I suspect that we have met him. The author is playing her cards very close to her chest giving very few clues a reader can try to use to ferret out the identity.

One thing I thought was a nice touch was how the author portrayed parts of small town life. In many romance novels, especially in recent series offerings, small towns are painted as these idyllic enclaves that serve as a friendly, welcoming and safe antidote for the big, bad city. And while one one level Ash does serve as a friendly, everyone-knows-your-name place, the author also shows a darker side of small town life; clannishness, suspicions of outsiders, and destructive gossip are also highlighted. That element of small town life also serves to work to the killer's advantage and it is something he is aware of and manipulates in his favor.

The ending was great and exciting and sets up the final installment nicely. As an added bonus we get a return visit of the grieving, vengeance seeking Nia who wants answers about her cousin's murder.