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If You Know Her - Shiloh Walker This is the final installment of the Ash trilogy and my favorite of the three. Not only because the killer is finally revealed (and I began to finally make some correct guesses) but because the action, suspense and romance all feel more ramped up in this one.

In this installment, Nia Hollister, the cousin of the only known victim of the serial killer, is having troubles moving forward. In the previous book, the serial killer managed to definitively plant evidence to point the finger at someone else. But Nia is not satisfied. Something doesn't feel right. As a photojournalist, she is used to doing investigating so she decides to do some digging on her own. What she finds sends her back to the town of Ash.

Once there she catches the attention of Ezra (newly appointed sheriff), Law (who has always been attracted to her) and the serial killer. Ezra was just as unsatisfied as Nia with how things were seemingly concluded. Nia's brash, angry, appearance back in town with some compelling information, re-opens the investigation and causes the killer to take some bold steps.

I enjoyed this one quite a bit. The final reveal of the identity of the killer was great and a little gruesome once you get the full story of his psycho-ness. I only began to suspect who it was in this book and for no real reason except it felt like the most likely and unlikely person at the same time. There is a lot more overall action in this one with a man-hunt and shoot-outs etc.

The romance between Nia and Law felt also more actiony as well. They had been circling around each other in the previous books, but only very briefly. In this one they allow their attraction to flare brightly. I liked the frankness of their feelings and the way the author allowed them to come together.

My only small quibble is that I felt it ended a bit abruptly. I wanted more closure. Given all that we knew and learned about the town and the people over the three books, I wish we had a little more insight into what happened with everyone, especially people in the town in the aftermath of all the events.