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Killer Heat - Brenda Novak I wasn't impressed with Francesca PI skillz. I don't think I would ever hire her. She seems a bit incompetent and not in a funny Stephanie Plum kinda way.

The book had a curious effect of seeming to hover around both the regular plot of a serial killer and the romance plot where the hero betrayed the heroine in past and they are still dealing with the fall out. I did not feel that the story had a true grasp on each element or that it ever engaged fully in the narrative. It was as if as I was reading I kept waiting for the story to happen.

The serial killer story was a bit derailed by all the WTF? moments I had with Francesca, the police and Jonah. The romance story actually had a lot of angsty potential with Jonah having cheated on Francesca very blatantly and with intent. The third party was still in the picture and the three had to interact. But this all fell curiously flat as well.

So yeah, not a hit in either to romance or the suspense dept.