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Storm's Heart - Thea Harrison 2.5 stars

I can't bring myself to work up a ton of enthusiasm for this series. The first two books have been fine reading. They are a good, easy way to read lighthearted paranormal. I liked this one a little less than I did the first one, but it was still a quick, fairly enjoyable read.

The first chapter was bad, though. It was just a massive, chapter long info dump. In fact, much of the beginning of the book was info and inner-musing heavy. But once that is taken care of and the story begins to move from the stagnant hotel-room atmosphere where the characters are stuck in the first third of the book, it got much better. In fact the mystery element of figuring out who was trying to kill Niniane was much more intriguing that the romance element.

Which brings me to Tiago and Niniane. While reading about them, I felt like I had tumbled into a YA book at points. There was a curious infantilization of the Niniane (the character actually said "sowwy!" those exact words! a couple of times). And you know how Bruce Banner turns into Hulk whenever he gets mad? Well that was Tiago except in this book his dial seemed to be stuck on 'Hulk' all the time.

That said, the story got better as it went on. Niniane seemed to get her groove back and grow up, well, Tiago....he stayed Hulk. 2 out of 3 ain't bad.