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Tangle of Need - Nalini Singh 4.5 stars

This is what Kiss of Snow should have been. I was not very happy with the previous installment Kiss of Snow. I felt it shortchanged Sienna and Hawke.

This book more than makes up for it and then some.

There are three main storylines going on in this book and each one is uniformly good.

First there is the main romance between Riaz and Adria. From previous books we know that Adria was in a bad relationship with a less dominant wolf that resented her for being more dominant than him. That relationship has really messed with Adria's head so she is super prickly around Riaz, a dominant wolf to whom she is very attracted. However Riaz has his own issues. He has met his mate but she is already married.

The trajectory of this story was exactly what a love story should be. Adria and Riaz have a very palpable, almost insurmountable obstacle in that she is not the mate his wolf recognizes. Because of their nature, Adria realizes how awful it is for Riaz to not be able to connect with that woman. However they are very attracted to each other. And although they enter into a relationship promising no strings, that is much easier said than done. Adria is afraid of getting her heart broken and is rightfully wary of being involved with someone who may view her as second best. Riaz has to battle his instincts that tell him he is being unfaithful to the woman destined to be his mate. Not only do we get to go on an emotional journey with these two as they find and fight their way toward each other, but Singh does an interesting thing with the idea of the 'fated-mates' trope.

The second story is the continuing arc of Sienna and Hawke. What issues I had with their relationship in their own book have been completely blown away here. They get a lot of page space and we get to see them fully in love, working through being together as mates and dealing with the aftermath of Sienna's awesome power. They have some wonderful, heartfelt conversations about their future expectations and they also work through nicely how Sienna fits in not only as his mate but also the female Alpha of the pack.

And finally the third storyline (and admittedly my favorite) is the continuing overall story-arc of the schism in the Psy-Net and how the various Psy factions are dealing with what is looking more and more like and impending, cataclysmic event. Although I have a real soft spot for the changeling characters, I admit from the very first book where we are introduced to the concept of 'Silence' it is the Psy who have captured my interest and imagination the most (Judd is still my favorite hero!). So the continuing mystery and plot arcs surrounding that race are really the narrative driving force for me in the series. Kaleb and a pair of enigmatic, rogue Arrows play a big part in the story and just ratcheted my attention up 1000 degrees. I am dying to know more about where they all fit in all this!

So yeah, this was an excellent installment and felt very reminiscent of some of the earlier books in the series.