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Scandal Wears Satin - Loretta Chase Loretta Chase's always lovely writing and snappy dialogue elevates an otherwise ho-hum outing.

This book lacked the bite and wit of the previous novel in the series, Silk Is For Seduction. I thought Sophy's (and by default the whole book's) seeming preoccupation with Lady Clara's romantic misadventures threatened to hijack the story. As a result I was never really invested in Sophy and Longmuir, the hero & heroine of the story, as much as I needed to be.

Added to that, the middle part of the book was dragged down by an on-the-road sequence where Sophy and Longmuir are chasing, who else, Lady Clara. I found myself skimming this part hoping the story picked up.

It did indeed pick in the last third of the book which was an amusing sting masterminded by Sophy to extricate Lady Clara from an ill-advised engagement. All the major players were in on it and it was the most fun part of the book. Unfortunately it was not enough to completely redeem the whole book for me.

Sophy was a great character though, who was a master of disguise and had a lot of clever schemes up her sleeve. I just wish we had gotten a lot more of it and that is was more for Sophy's own benefit.