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How to Drive a Dragon Crazy - G.A. Aiken 3.5 stars

Sigh. I really struggled with my rating on this one.

As a book that continues the overall mytharc that winds through the series and involves all the warring dragon clans, The warring Gods, the three freakily powerful children, and whatever the heck happened with Annwyl when she died and came back to life...it is excellent.

As a book that finally, finally! give romantic resolution to the tortured romance between Izzy and Eibhear, it is a huge disappointment.

I am sorry, I don't think Izzy and Eibhear got their just due. They were the perfect long running angsty couple in several previous books. She was the human adopted daughter of his older brother. He was the late blooming baby in a family of wild and crazy dragon shifters. She has always been madly in love with him. He had kept her at arm's length because of the family relationship. She lost her virginity to his best friend and cousin. He blamed her coming between the two. It was drawn out and tortured and you couldn't wait for these two crazy kids to get their own book so all that angst and unconsummated passion could finally be resolved in one sigh-worthy, unputdownable volume. Yeah, that didn't quite happen.

Ten years have passed since they last saw each other. In the meantime, Eibhear has grown into his size and finally his potential. He is a member of the feared Mi-runach. A Dragon guerrilla unit that is sent in for precision strikes. They are lethal killers with a fearsome reputation and they answer only to Queen Rhiannon.

Izzy of course has been training under Annwyl and is now a full fledged General in Annwyl's army. Izzy has her own fearsome reputation. And although she is human, her mother is a Witch and she is the chose champion of a God. So she is has a lot more power than most people are aware of.

The two are thrust together when Eibhear is dispatched to escort Izzy home. Along the way they bicker, bicker, bicker, have sex, bicker, bicker, are sent on a mission and bicker some more. Until they finally say I love you and he claims her as his own.

All the things that are my most favorite thing about this author's writing are present. The humor, the over-the-top family relationships, the fierce women, the sideways conversations... and yet all those things I love seem to take away from what I needed to happen when Izzy and Eibhear finally found each other. I needed more ....something.....that I didn't get.

But aside from my disappointment in how the main romance played out, I must say that the rest of the story, was excellent. All the various narrative strands that have happened over the last few books with the dragon alliances, the Gods inserting themselves in the corporeal world and most especially the birth of the three children (who are now in their teens actually) that most of thee Dragon world view as abominations are being pulled together rather nicely. All the other supernatural races we've only heard about are being fleshed out. We meet Talaith's mother and the other Nolwenn Witches for the first time as they are drawn into the story. Something big and cataclysmic is on the horizon and the three younger ones are directly in the thick of things.

It really is an exciting and well put together arc and one that I am definitely looking forward to continuing. So while I can't 100% get behind the romance in this one, the book is still very good and a necessary installment in the overall series.