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Wings of the Storm - Susan Sizemore Remember how in the movie 'Back to The Future' when Marty McFly goes to the Twin Pines Mall to meet Dr. Brown? When he is in 1955 he plows down one of the two pine trees that is on the future site of the Mall so when comes back to 1985 it is called the Lone Pine Mall? Out of all the stuff that Marty changes when he goes back to the past this one always tickled me the most. It is a small, subtle tiny thing that says even the smallest change in the past can affect the future.

This book would have benefited from that simple little detail. Jane time travels back to the time of King John and even though she tries to keep her head down and affect the past as little as possible, her presence in that time does have an affect on the people there and possibly the outcome of the future. But as the story is presented it is nothing but a historical romance in the guise of a time travel. I was a disappointed because I wanted the time travel element to have some meaning or necessity to the plot and it didn't. I Would've liked some contrast to future before she left and after she returned. As it was the ending was so abrupt and we never even knew what happens to Jane when she returns home.