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The Price Of Desire - Jo Goodman I wanted to rate this higher because the writing was excellent. But in the end I could not because, man, could the heroine have been any more tortured? Given all the horrors that Jo Goodman heaped upon this poor woman raped and pimped out by her own father to pedophiles from age 6 through age 12, a few attempted rapes once she has reached adulthood, treated like something to trade for a debt by her own brother etc. I honestly would have understood if Olivia had thrown herself under the wheels of a runaway carriage to just end it all. I wouldn't have liked it, but I would have understood.

What saves this all is I liked the hero. He had a quirky kind of personality and a quiet strength. I liked that you could tell he was quietly falling in love with her very early on and remained unstintingly supportive of her and she worked through some of her past trauma. I also liked all the supporting characters in the gaming hell where Olivia finds herself unceremoniously living. They all take her under their wing, and give her more family than she's ever know. All the good parts made for a nice cushion as you learn through bits and pieces all the terrible stuff that happened to Olivia.

I need a fluffy chick lit or light romantic comedy chaser after this one.