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The First Snowdrop (Signet Regency Romance) - Mary Balogh The hero in this one was just...I can't...with this guy! He was so mean and cruel to the heroine and he knew he was being a jerk and just kept on doing it. I kept waiting for MB to bring it home. I knew she could redeem a jerk. She made me like Freddie from [b:Dancing with Clara|969587|Dancing with Clara (Sullivan, #2)|Mary Balogh|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1328040883s/969587.jpg|954484] for goodness sake and I think he has a firm and and permanent place on many people's worst heroes list. But, alas, Alex stayed a jerk. And Anne just cried a lot.

The two stars are for the supporting cast with Alex's huge and lively family whose differing personalities made the book fun to read. And the ending was really good, except not enough to redeem the rest of the book, though.