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Alien Tango - Gini Koch The pros:

Lots of sci-fi action
Great sexy chemistry between Kitty and her sexy alien boyfriend Jeff
Not as info-dumpy as the first -- thank goodness!
Good progression of the earlier storyline
Good expansion of the character universe (Paul's brother, Jeff's family etc.)
Kitty's confrontation with Jeff's mother (who dislikes Kitty)
The scenes with the alligators as well as Kitty's nick-naming of them
The car chase at the end was hysterical especially Kitty's tearful goodbyes to her family relayed to the disembodied OnStar like operator (she was convinced she was about to be killed)

The Cons:

The Fabulous Kitty. This is my biggest problem with the book. It detracts me from being able to wholeheartedly enjoy this book. Kitty is wonderful, always. She figures out things all the time that no one else can. Really, Something "tickles in her brain' and she comes up with the perfect solution and explanation every. single. time. Meanwhile supposedly brilliant Aliens and agents are standing around loking like 'D'oh!'

She is the object of love and lust of every guy who meets her. In this one we meet her first boyfriend who has been so in love with Kitty (they broke up when they were sixteen) that he went off to become successful just to prove himself worthy of her love. He's been comparing every woman her's ever dated to Kitty and none has ever measured up. We also finally meet her best friend Chuckie who, as we learn, has also been madly in love with Kitty since forever and wants to lure her from Jeff. Then there is Paul's brother Michael who wants Kitty for himself as well. And lastly, there is a vast disembodied alien consciousness that has been protecting Earth for years who falls in love with Kitty. Seriously?

Look I like Kitty, she's a great character but she is the most extreme Mary Sue I have ever met in fiction.


I really liked this book. And I am enjoying this series. I just wish the author would tone down the extreme Fabulousness of Kitty. She can still be an awesome character and heroine without being so extra-wonderful.