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Shadow Woman - Linda Howard I tried to love this. I really did.

But in the end I couldn't because the story flailed and meandered and really didn't go anywhere for large portions of the book.

The first chapter and set-up was great. It whetted my appetite for some great kick-ass suspense. Even the second chapter, where Lizette looks in the mirror and does not recognize her face kept me intrigued. In fact the next few chapters were really quite good. The questions started to bubble up in my head. Who was Lizette? Why were they watching her? What they heck happened? How is this related to the assassination in the first chapter? Yup...lots of questions and I was ready for some great spy vs. spy hijinks.



What followed, up until about 70% of progress bar on my Kindle was a lot of Lizette figuring out how to find bugs, Lizette going to the store and buying sneakers and back packs, Lizette thinking about stuff and thinking about more stuff.

I needed some action. There were several potentially great antagonists who we got glimpses of but not nearly enough. There needed to be a better balance between Lizette's forays into Walgreens and Walmart and the tense, terse confrontations between the varying groups of people who had her life in their hands. At times I found myself impatiently flicking through to get to something happening.

When Xavier reveals himself to Lizette and her memories start to really return, we finally get some action but even that felt somewhat dissatisfying. The final showdown between all the schemers felt anti-climatic. I didn't need guns a-blazing at dawn, but I would have liked a 'yeah!' fist-pumping moment.

Ultimately, the entire mystery -- how everything tied together with that first intriguing opening chapter -- did not gel for me. In the end the resolution did not,imo, live up to the set up.

There were flashes of a really good story here, but it did not completely work for me.