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Rush - Maya Banks Eh. Didn't feel this one.

Hero Gabe is a super rich alpha guy who had a bad divorce, so from now on he only has relationships with women who sign contracts wherein they agree that he is their owner and that whatever/however he wants sex is the way it will be.

Heroine is Mia, 12 years younger than Gabe. She is his best friend/partner's younger sister whom he has watched grow up. Apparently she has reached the magical time/age where he can finally get it on with her. So our romantic hero whips out his contract and she signs on the dotted line. He also offers her a make-busy job as his "personal assistant" (which consists of her learning about people he has dinner with so she can charm them) so she (and her panty-less at all times!! self) can be available to him whenever he wants to whip it out. It happens a lot.

You know, take away the whole contract-for-sex-I-own-you bit and this was a pretty decent love story. Gabe's constant examination of his feelings made him a bit of a woob. But I actually liked that about him. So that all the "Eyes on me!" and "Who owns you?" stuff felt more like window dressing than a true characterization.

I thought a plot line got dropped with the ex-wife storming out after telling him he'd be sorry, only to never appear again.

I heartily disliked the whole clandestine nature of the relationship. Also, the manner in which Mia's brother found out abut the relationship and Gabe's reactions felt rather cliche.

The sex scenes were pretty smokin' hot though.

But all in all..... eh.