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Double Dare - Lena Matthews This author rarely disappoints me. Of all the Naughty Games books, I wanted to read this one the most. And it was worth it.

Rich boy Shane Oxley has it bad for Paige Reyes. They'd been great friends in college along with their group of five other best friends. All of them have remained great fiends even years later. But Paige has met someone outside the group and gotten engaged so Shane has to act fast to make sure she doesn't get married.

But he miscalculated -- badly. And their one night of passion ended -- badly. Paige has been avoiding him and their once close friendship has gone down the toilet.

Now on the occasion of his birthday party, Shane has maneuvered his close group of friends to his home for some truth telling and relationship repairing. He shamelessly uses his power to get Paige back into his orbit and maybe, just maybe, he can dare her to give him another chance.

Shane was cute and so determined. Paige was hurt and so in love. This was a two-character book. Just the two of them hashing out their issues with some great dialogue and smoking hot love scenes.

Sometimes that is all you need.