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Frost Burned - Patricia Briggs This books starts with a bang and never looks back.

Mercy and Jesse are off Christmas shopping during dreaded black Friday when they get into a car accident. After the accident Mercy tries to call Adam to pick them as up the car is totalled. But she can't get in touch with him. Or Warren. Or Darryl. Or anyone else from the pack as a matter of fact.

It turns out someone has kidnapped the entire pack.

From this point on, Mercy is in crisis management mode. She needs to keep Jesse safe, rescue Kyle who is being held hostage (the fate that had meant to be Mercy's and Jesse's), warn Bran, get Ben healed (he'd been shot while escaping the kidnappers) and, oh yeah, find Adam & the rest of the pack.

Her allies and resources are few. In the aftermath of the events at the end [b:Fair Game|7942786|Fair Game (Alpha & Omega, #3)|Patricia Briggs|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1327472384s/7942786.jpg|6527880], the supernatural/human relations are somewhat tense. And she isn't sure who or what is behind the kidnapping or even what they want. But this is Mercy and she has resources even she isn't aware of.

After the slower almost relaxed pace of the previous Mercy Thompson book [b:River Marked|8087906|River Marked (Mercedes Thompson, #6)|Patricia Briggs|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1305738320s/8087906.jpg|10974973], this one felt like it had energy to burn. Mercy careens from one crisis to the next, one revelation to the next. The story unfolds in byzantine twists of mysteries and conspiracies until we finally get a grand spanking climactic fight that ends the story with just as much of a bang as it began with.

I know a lot of people were disappointed in the last book -- I wasn't one of them. And while this isn't quite as awesomely, awesome as the first three books in the series I think even those who were kinda let down with the last book will enjoy the faster pace and more decisive action in this one. And I get a little kick out of how much of a kick Mercy and Adam seem to be with being married.

I started the book this morning and finished it this evening and am already ready for the next one!