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Don't Want to Miss a Thing - Jill Mansell Sometimes you are just in the mood for a light, funny, improbable, quick read. These books fit the bill for that 100%. There is an added bonus that there is an almost stream-of-consciousness style to the storytelling so that you are never sure sometimes where the plot is going to lead or even who the next chapter is going to be about.

In this one we meet our fun loving, well off bachelor Dex. He is a playboy --- the type who has slept with women whose names he can't precisely recall. Normally I hate this guy. But this author manages to make this character likeable and charming. That likeability ramps up even more when Dex learns that he is getting custody of his newly orphaned toddler niece. After a smallish pity party, Dexter mans up and completely changes his lifestyle to accommodate the needs of a baby. The adjustment isn't easy and is often funny, but Dex rises to the occasion.

Helping him out is Molly his next door neighbor who manages to be be a pep-talker, a baby sitter and the woman who finally makes Dexter think seriously about a relationship. Only problem is, Molly doesn't think Dex has changed that much and shoots him down. Dex and Molly spend much of the book somewhat involved with other people while longing for each other.

If this were a romance novel that would piss me off. But since this is firmly chick-lit, I understand that Dex and Molly's relationship doesn't consummate until nearly then end of the book.

In the meantime, as is this author's MO, we have quite a few other couples' romantic antics to witness as well a a few minor plot-lines (i think I counted like 4 other plots meandering around this book) to fill our time. My favorite of them is the story of Frankie, Molly's best friend who finds out some rather disturbing news about her husband. This was one of the meatier stories that could have almost been a story in itself.

In the end, a veritable Musical Chairs of couples (including Molly and Dex) get together happily. I do have to mention that there is one point in the story that I laughed, really laughed, out loud. Dex is in a panic because he believes the biological father of his niece has turned up and wants to take her from him. I thought for sure I knew where the author was taking this. I was wrong. Dead wrong. Dex and Molly hatch a daring desperately funny and (possibly illegal) plan to keep that from happening. All I am going to say is....Transvetite George.... and leave it at that.

Totally fun book that I finished in one sitting. If you are a Jill Mansell fan this is a must read. If you've never read her before this is a fun one to start with and totally indicative of her narrative style.