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Pack Challenge - Shelly Laurenston I went on a major Shelly Laurentson glom this past week and I started with this, the first of the Magnus Pack trilogy (altho I hope it doesn't end at the third book).

In this first book we meet three friends: Sara, Miki and Angelina. They have been the best of the besties since they were 8 years old. Each woman comes from a dysfunctional family that had them rejecting their biological families to cling fiercely to each other. So that now, they consider each other family with the strongest of ties. Each woman is lethal, beautiful and would die for the other two.

Sara's parents were killed while she was very young and she was brought up by her grandmother. The woman was vicious and kept brought Sara up with an iron fist and Sara really never knew why. But the truth is, Sara is a shapeshifter (she doesn't know it) and her grandmother was determined to keep that part of Sara hidden forever.

At the book begins Sara lives in a town that, unbeknownst to her, is the territory of the Alpha wolf she works for. Practically everyone in town except Miki and Angelina are shifters. A group of biker Wolf-shifters known as the Magnus pack drift into town and quickly realize who and what Sara is.

Thus sets off a chain of events that lead to Sara learning what she is, how and why her parents died and sets her up to finish a pack/pride war that started long ago. It also introduced her to Zach Sheridan, an alpha in the pack and the two begin a scorching hot romance.

Ever since I discovered SL last year, i have not been disappointed by her. She has a definite 'signature' in her writing style that appeals to me something crazy!

She does female bonds like nobody's business. I've read so many of her books this past week and the one common thing (..well amongst quite a few commonalities) is the strong, enduring friendships she showcases among her female protags. These aren't just 'your girls' these are women who will pack a 9mm and do hard time for you if they have to!

Also, Her humor is so out there. Most paranormals tend to trend on the darker side. But Laurenston's are funny and snarky and biting. They have some serious themes but they are never heavy. The really do land on the light side of the scale.

Finally, her creatures are uninhibitedly sexual. This book could tip over into erotica, because of the frank sexual language, Sara and Zach are hot for each other right off the bat. However, They don't hop right into bed, they do a mating dance through the course of the book that winds through the story and plot of Sara learning about her identity.

I burned through this book in no time flat. I enjoyed it very much adn highly recommend!