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Maiden Lane - Lynne Connolly Finally.

If you are a follower of Richard and Rose, as I am, and you read this book, you will understand the first line of this review.

Throughout the series, Richard and Rose have had one nemesis that was intent on bringing them down. Now, R&R are no slouches in protecting themselves and being bad-ass when they need to be. So I have been waiting impatiently for Richard to simply take care of this problem.

In this installment, R&R and blissfully in love and Rose is pregnant again. Rose's sister Liz is happily married to her Count in Lisbon and Ian (Rose's brother) and Gervase (Richard's brother) have settled into a discreet domesticity. All should be well.

Except John Kneller appears in town and is doing his level best to make sure Richard acknowledges him and that London society realizes his true identity. But R&R don't make it easy for him. So he ups the ante by aligning with The Drury's to bring scandal onto Richard.

Except, Richard has had enough and decides to take matters into his own hands.

Connolly, as usual, doesn't do things in the usual manner. As in her previous books, she provides moments of character action or plot that takes a bit of a left turn, things you don't expect to see in a romance novel. Although I do have to take a star off because this is like the third or fourth time in the course of the series Rose has been abducted. That is a bit excessive.

Interestingly, this book ties up quite a few plot strands that have been dangling. So the series could end here nicely. However, I hope we still get to see more of R&R.

Good installment.