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In a Treacherous Court - Michelle Diener This was....nice. More romance than I expected. Much more. But that was not a bad thing since I like romance in my books.

The history felt wallpapery and yet not. If that makes sense. Susanna, John Parker and a lot of the secondary characters were actual historical figures and the events surrounding them are based in history as well. And yet, these people could have been run-of-the-mill fictional characters and the the dangerous events could have been just as easily been fictitious as well. I simply didn't get that 'immersed in history' feel that you sometimes get when reading a really good historical fiction (or even some earlier historical romances for that matter).

But even so, it was a still a fun read and I generally liked both Susanna and John. One thing that really stood out for Susanna was how the author brought her to life when she was painting or sketching. I think the passages that described how she was almost compelled to draw were well done and evocative. John felt more like a typical romance hero, but even so -- he was still an arresting character.

Liked it enough to hunt up the next one in the series.