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The Cupid Effect - Dorothy Koomson This is a book I really struggled with how to rate.

The writing is stellar.
The story is funny.
The characters are great.

It was frustrating as hell!!!

I was expecting a romance. If not a romance novel romance, I at least expected the main character to flirt and find love in that light, chick-litty way. None of this happens.

The main character, Ceri, lives through a lot of people. Through her we relive other couples' romances troubles. She listens to them, understands their issues instinctively and solves their problems. The other couples are great reading material. Their romantic troubles run the gamut -- a gay couple who can't communicate, two people who are in other relationships who want each other, a shy guy who pines for the gorgeous popular gal from afar. Ceri navigates these romantic waters like Horatio Hornblower. She's a champ.

But I kept flipping he pages waiting for her to get her own guy. I was sure the next chapter would be her fateful meeting with HIM.

Until I got to the Epilogue.

It really should have dawned on me sooner, but I was hopeful. The whole point of the book was for Ceri -- just like me -- to realize that her being 'Cupid' was the whole point. She wasn't supposed to be the focus, she was the accelerate so to speak. There is a little bit of the woo-woo factor that adds to the story to sell the idea.

If you can simply bury the hope that this should be a conventional romance then you will enjoy the book immensely. Once I got over my pout, I had to acknowledge that the book was very good. Koomson is a brilliant writer. Simply brilliant. Some of her other books tend to rip your beating heart right out of your chest and dance on the squishy mess right in front of your face before walking away to leave you to pick up the pieces. But you don't mind -- kinda-- because it was worth it. Not this one, though, it is one of her lighter books and I laughed out loud in places. Thank Goodness. It even ends on a hopeful note for our intrepid heroine that makes you think she will indeed get herself a guy in the end.