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Lexie - Kimberly Dean Lexie Underhill is the over achieving oldest daughter in a family that runs a toy company. She is also adopted and has always felt a little out of sync with the rest of the family. She is not treated badly, exactly, by her family but from Lexi's perspective there is a feeling of...favoritism when it comes to the naturally born children of her parents.

As the story begins the family business is in trouble and her father has hired reorganization expert sexy Cam Rowe to slash jobs, cut costs and prepare for a possible takeover. All hell breaks loose when a billboard with Lexie on it appears advertising a dive bar. The scandalous, sexy picture threatens the wholesome image of the company. Her family is enraged.

The only problem is....it isn't Lexie on the billboard. Only Cam believes her and the two of them set off to find out what is going on.

I have only previously read one short story by this author in an erotica anthology [b:If This Bed Could Talk|371699|If This Bed Could Talk|Liz Maverick|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1348337709s/371699.jpg|729630]. I always meant to look up other work by her because her story in that anthology was the only one I remembered and it made an impression on me. It was well written, created an emotional connection between the two protagonists and was extremely extremely hot.

The book is the first in a series. The series title is called 'Triple X' which would lead one believe that this is erotica. However it isn't. It is a steamy romance, but it definitely slides closer to the contemporary romance scale than erotica. So if you are reading this assuming you are getting a hot, hot erotic read you are going to be doomed to disappointment.

I, however, was not disappointed. I was pleasantly surprised because the evidence of good character connection and emotional engagement I had seen the the short story was absolutely displayed here in this book. The writer easily made me feel Lexi's sadness with her family, her sense of disconnect sometimes with them, her attraction to Cam and most importantly her instant connection to her new found twin Roxie.

The scenes when Lexie and Roxie first meet are excellent. They packed just the right emotional punch. It was fun seeing their reactions to each other and everyone else's reaction to the two of them together. The rest of the story as Lexie and Roxie learn about each other also hit just the right tone.

While Lexie is coming to grips with discovering she has a twin, she is also entering into a relationship with Cam. The contrast between how Cam treats her and how her family treats her in the wake of the Roxie revelation is 'Good Hero 101'.

I also really got a kick out of the frenemy relationship twin sister Roxie and Cam very quickly developed. I thought the writer did a smart thing. Both Cam and Roxie were entering into an intense, albeit different, relationship with Lexie at the same time. They were each possessive of her and jealous of their new status with her. So they were a bit distrusting. And yet each one of them wanted her to be happy, so they had to tolerate each other. I think the right balance was struck. It was a wary relationship that had and undertone of humor but you knew it might turn at any moment.

There is a bit of a surprise ending (which isn't much of a surprise if you follow the series and see the title of the next book).

I was hooked and couldn't wait to follow up.

Fun book.