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Maxie - Kimberly Dean Follow up to previous book in series [b:Lexie|17465267|Lexie|Kimberly Dean|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1366276828s/17465267.jpg|20385443] and the first book should definitely be read first.

In the previous book, Lexie and Roxie discover they were born twins and were separated when they were about two years old. Lexie was adopted but Roxie grew up in the foster system. Both women were intensely curious about their birth parents and set out to find any information they could.

However instead of their birth parents, the discover that they were not really twins...but rather triplets.

Maxie lives in a small close-knit town and had a very happy childhood. Now her parents and grandmother are deceased and she is running s flower shop and silently pining for the sexy new sheriff in town. She is just about to make her move when instead of saying 'Hi" like she planned, she instead faints dead at his feet.

Lexie and Roxie, her identical sisters had just walked into her view.

One of the parts about reading the previous book was the scenes of Lexie and Roxie discovering each other. This one is no different. Maxie's reaction is priceless.

It also creates a very natural moment for Maxie to turn to Zach, the sexy sheriff whose protective instincts toward the pretty florist comes roaring alive.

This book didn't quite pack the emotional punch of the previous one, but it did deepen the characters that we'd previously met and made a good introduction to the third sister. The writer has made sure to give each sister very strong and definable personality traits that differentiate them from each other. Cleverly, the personalities feel like a logical blend of what could have been each woman's nature/nurture combo. Roxie's toughness and bravado are obviously traits honed by being in the foster system -- something you don't see in either Maxie or Lexie, but you get the sense that her generosity and capacity for love are things she was born with. Conversely, Maxie's reserve and shyness feel like pure personality. She lacks Roxie & Lexie's confidence even though of the three women her family life was the most settled and overtly loving.

The mystery of the girls' birth parents continue as they get a smallish clue to their identity.

I loved the scenes of the sisters getting to know more about each other. And I can't wait to get to Roxie's book and see what kind of hero she gets. If it is who I think it is, I don't know whether to be delighted or disturbed.