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My Angel

My Angel - Denise Skelton Simone Porter is an inner city youth counselor, a job that her over controlling, status obsessed mother believes is beneath her.

Matt Turner is an architect whose recent divorce from his cheating wife Wendy has left him devastated.

The meet after Simone witnesses a car accident involving Matt and a hit and run car. She calls 911 and stays with him until he is taken to the hospital.

He is in a coma for months and Simone, being the sweet, idealistic person she is, feels as if she needs to make sure he is ok. So she visits him frequently much the the delight of Matt's mother but to the chagrin of Matt's grumpy (and vaguely racist) father.

When Matt awakens he is gratified to learn that the voice he had heard while in his coma is attached to this pretty, decent woman.

The two become friends and slowly fall in love.

I am always wary about getting a book from an author whose works neither I nor anyone else I know have read. However, the excerpt on Amazon was meaty enough that I was nicely surprised by the level of the writing and the depth of the characters.

But even that excerpt didn't prepare me for the treat I had in store with this book.

While Simone and Matt are the center of the story and are the main characters, the supporting characters and ancillary plots make this book a mass of soapy, romantic goodness.

There is Simone's mother. This woman is a controlling piece of work! She has managed all parts of her life to her liking and sees Simone as her final frontier. Going so far as to pick out the perfect man for Simone.

There is Wendy, Matt's ex-wife. She is first shown as quite materialistic and venal. And Matt isn't shown in the best light in relation to her. He is schmoopy in love with her so he basically gives her everything she wants even if it is something he can't afford. But she is later revealed to have bigger problems because the guy she left Matt for isn't as nice as he is. I do like the fact that the author showed Wendy's very believable flaws without making her a card board villainess.

There is Matt's father who, as I mentioned above is vaguely racist. He spends a lot of the time in the book making generic homophobic and racist comments but they seem awfully unfocused. More Archie Bunker less David Duke. This is a contrast to his mother who is very warm and sweet.

There is Alan, Simone's perfect (according to her mother) boyfriend who is a bit of an ass-hat. He is very possessive of SImone without seeming very interested in her.

All the different personalities, stories and drama is told in a very effective series of 'jump cuts' that take you from one plot string to the next and keep the story flowing.

This is at the core a sweet friends-to-lovers story and Simone and Matt make a great couple. Of the two, Matt is the better character because I think the author did a better job of balancing him. Simone aggravated me because the author Mary-Sue'd her like crazy. She was a bit too nice, a bit too forgiving. She was just this shy of being a total doormat.

But even with that I still liked this book a lot.