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Love Script

Love Script: Deluxe Edition - Tiffany Ashley Nick Sinclair is handsome, rich and the owner of a successful company. Lainey Parks is an employee in Nick's company and is also very satisfied with her life.

But the two are about to have a life changing moment.

Nick is determined to land the Zelman account, biggest account of his career. And in doing so he tells a whopper of a lie. He is goaded by a business rival into claiming to Mr. Zelman that he is married. And to make things even worse, he claims he and is wife are celebrating their one year anniversary on the same cruise where Zelman is planning to vacation with his wife. Wanting to get that account at all costs, Nick exhorts one of his girlfriends to pose as his wife on the cruise.

In the meantime Lainey and her boyfriend are planning a romantic getaway on that same cruise. She is sure he is planning to ask her to marry him.

But things don't quite work out that way. Nick and Lainey both find themselves abandoned by their significant others just as the cruise is about to leave. Frantic, Nick ropes Lainey into posing as his wife at the last minute.

The two enter into a deception that quickly turns on them as they find they are attracted to each other.

I wish I could give this book a higher rating, but I had some issues.

First I'll get to the pros:
- I liked the level of the writing. The writer's voice was very assured and and the writing was crisp.
- The main characters had loads of chemistry and were both very easy to root for
- There were some nice touches of humor
- great sex scenes

Now to the cons:
- Nick was a slut. Now, in romance novels, man sluts are almost normal. And I think to some extent their sluttiness is sanitized to be palatable for a romance reading audience. And I do give the author a lot of credit for not being coy about it. But even so, it was a bit much for my taste. Nick was stringing along and having sexual relations with two women, while also trying to get some tail on the cruise ship.
- Which brings me to a major, major ick factor. He and Lainey have unprotected sex. Lainey knew about his two girlfriends and there wasn't even a mention of a condom. So...ewww.
- Stupid workplace drama. I hate it when the heroine is such a Mary Sue that she becomes a martyr to more unscrupulous people at work. Rather than complain or fight back, she straightens her shoulders, raises her chin, and works late into the night. Open your mouth and tell your boss what is going on!
- And finally I was never convinced as to why Lainey was it for Nick. He was such a player for years and yet he falls in love in the course of time is takes to be on a cruise ship and we are supposed to buy that he is reformed. I can certainly happen, but the author didn't convince me 100% despite the HEA of the couple.

So, no, I couldn't give it more stars despite the fact that I think the writing is very accessible and the characters are appealing.