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Gorgeous as Sin

Gorgeous as Sin (Bruton Street Bookstore #1) - Susan Johnson 3.5 stars

Quick, fun read. I actually liked this book a tick better than some Susan Johnson books I've read in the past. In the admittedly few books of hers that I've read prior to this one, her H/h interactions have always seemed to me to edgy or harder than the normal historical romance. They are usually two worldly people who are strong mined, clash and have lots of sex. I've often liked that because I find the overabundance of the innocent heroine somewhat wearying. But SJ's characters seem...well..mean.

With this one I didn't get that vibe. And I am glad that this seems to be the case with the follow up book as well. I liked the h/H interactions in this one. They were both still strong minded and each had a goal that was in complete opposition of the other one. But there was none of that prickly hardness I've come to associate with her characters. Quite the contrary actually. I found Fitz and Rosalind's unwilling (and eventually willing) attraction to each other to be quite engaging. So yeah they do clash and have lots of explicit sex. I also liked the conflict. And I loved his grand gesture in the end.

Good book. I plan to read the others in the series.