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Sunday - Kaia Bennett Flynn and Gia's chemistry simply leaps off the page. Yeah the story is a little unpolished and the transitions are a little rough, but the writing is excellent. The love scenes are incredibly written -- hot, clever and super sexy. Honestly I think the love scenes written in this book are a master class in how good, erotica sex should be written.

The relationship is angsty yet sweet. The conflict is 100% believable and the two characters act age appropriate. They are twenty-something college students who aren't as immature as teens but still aren't as sophisticated or seasoned as you'd find someone 10 years their senior. They make the right types of mistakes -- mostly due to communication & fear -- that felt just right for their relationship.

I liked both characters equally and I think the author allowed them to both live in their skins comfortably. You easily buy Gia as the studious good girl who was attracted to bad-boy Flynn despite all her good intentions. And Flynn is a great male character. Hot, a little rough, a little cynical, a little vulnerable. They each make some wincingly bad decisions that I think we all can remember making back when we were stupid in love while at college.

I must also applaud this author for doing something that not even a lot of seasoned romance authors do, and that is she doesn't fall into the trap of over description. She doesn't give you long paragraphs lovingly describing skin, eyes, hair, body etc. Rather over the course of the story you get to see Flynn Gia through each other's eyes. And over time you learn about what they look like. It is effective because you've been in each character's heads so much that in the end you have a strong mental & physical picture of them.

Really nice little piece of writing here.