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Old Enough To Know Better

Old Enough To Know Better - Joan Reeves Eh. Glad this was a freebie because really the story was as thin as tissue paper. This is one of those stories that begins with the hero already madly in lust with the heroine. Right there I have an issue because with a book of this length in most cases the writer doesn't feel it necessary to explain how the protags got to this point. That is the case here. We only know the hero wants the heroine, she resists him and she's beautiful. There follows a few pages of pursuit/retreat & finally sex. No courtship. No real insight into what makes these two fall in love other than their lust for each other. There is a tease about the heroine's past. When it is finally revealed I can't say it makes me at all impressed with her.

Also I must say that the story ended at the 68% mark on my Kindle. There was 32% of after story filler which included a lot of promotional material for other stories, a recipe, and a 'behind the scenes' look at how the story was created.