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Bared to You (Crossfire, #1)

Bared to You (Crossfire, #1) - Sylvia Day I actually DNF'd this book at about 72% completed. It had gotten to the point that I was just plain old bored by Eva and Gideon and didn't even want to pick it up to bother to read the last bit of it.

The book actually started out great. I was sure I was going to love it. Right out the gate, Eva seemed strong and self aware and didn't give into Gideon's crap. I really liked her and thought she was refreshing. I flat out loved the setting in NYC and the fact that SD made me feel like I was if not in NYC, then at least in a big city with all it's diversity.

But then...sigh. Eva began this cycle to getting angry and running away only to have Gideon chase her and explain.

By the time I got a little more than halfway through it, all of my good feelings of this couple had begun to evaporate. They no longer felt like the smart, self aware people I had given them credit for. Everything became so overwrought and overly-dramatical. Every word, sigh, and expression seemd to have some deeply sexual and soulful meaning. It was exhausting. Not to mention for two adult professionals -- one of whom manages a multi-billion dollar conglomerate -- they felt awfully immature at times.

I have come to the conclusion that while I adore Sylvia Day's historical romance voice, anything outside the HR genre that she has written just doesn't work for me. This was the same for me with her Eve of Darkness series. I barely made it through half the first book and gave up.

OTOH, Seven Years to Sin was darned near a 5-star book for me. Talk about a couple who were sexy, sophisticated and emotional! The Stranger I Married was the first SD book I'd ever read and I could just read that book over and over again. Wonderful.

So, I am just going to probably stick with her historicals from here on out.