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Real Men Will (Donovan Brothers Brewery, #3)

Real Men Will (Donovan Brothers Brewery, #3) - Victoria Dahl I liked this one a tick better than the first book Good Girls Don't.

Like Tess in that book, Beth in this book has major trust issues. I found Beth's reasons for her problems immediately more believable. A youthful indiscretion in high school made the last months of Beth's senior year horrible. Her parents were disappointed in her, but more importantly their reaction left Beth horribly disappointed in them. So her issues come from a very real place.

In an effort to reclaim her inner-warrior, Beth has tried to educate herself on all things about healthy sexuality and even works as the manager of a sexy lingerie/sex toys store. I could see why Beth would go this route, a way of self affirmation. And I liked that under it all, even though people thought she was this sexual Goddess, she was just a "plain vanilla" girl who felt like a fraud.

The chemistry she has with Eric and the relationship they forge turns out to be quite sweet. At first it seemed stupid. They are both adults who simply liked having sex with each other. Why did they have to be each other's secret? Why the sneaking about? Neither one was married or even involved. Felt weird. But that aside, their sexual compatibility and the fact that they are able to breath with each other and feel comfortable with each other is what really propels the story and it does it effectively.

Even though they all the Donovans seemed to act somewhat immature for their ages, I found that I liked and empathized with Eric the most and was gratified that he and Beth found each other.

Fun breezy book with sympathetic characters. Recommended.