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Breathe (Colorado Mountain, #4)

Breathe (Colorado Mountain, #4) - Kristen Ashley Faye & Chace were great. But I especially liked Faye.

I must give it up to Ms. Ashley. While I think there can be an certain formulaic quality to her books she writes some pretty kick-ass heroines for the most part. And by that I don't mean they are going around literally kicking ass, but they are warm, funny, relatable and surprisingly they are not cookie cutter to each other (her heroes on the other hand....).

Her heroines are very distinct from each other. And since I need to really enjoy the heroine when I read a romance novel, this is pretty major plus for me. Faye was especially near and dear to my heart because she is a nerd, God bless her. She name checks Battlestar Gallactica (both the he old and the new), Fringe!!! (nobody name checks Fringe in the books I read), Supernatural, Firefly!!, and Star Wars (of course). In fact it is her stream of consciousness outraged monologue about Darth Vader being a better father than Chase's that is a stand out moment for me in this book.

And even though she is a virgin, she isn't some naif who has never felt her own lady-parts. I really loved Faye!

Good book and I think the Colorado Mountain series has officially surpassed the Dream Man series as my favorite KA series (of course these are the only two I've read so..take that for what it is worth).