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Taken By Moonlight (Moonlight, #1)

Taken By Moonlight - Violette Dubrinsky 4.5 stars

Well written and entertaining.

Smart, excellent heroine and smoking hot alpha hero.

Humor! Usually sorely lacking in IR romances. A welcome element here.

Although this is a fated mates story. It contains an actual love story with the characters growing into the relationship. I enjoyed the luxury of sitting back and reading a story that allowed a relationship to actually develop while still being immediate and exciting.

Exciting plot, especially with the various Supernatural communities vying for power with Vivienne and her twin Cassandra playing pivotal roles in the showdown (even if they don't know it).

I enjoyed that the villain had an actual reason for doing what he did. He wasn't just bad for bad's sake. He had true motivation. He was duplicitous but still he wasn't cartoony.

Great secondary characters that made me as invested in them as I was in the main characters. I especially loved Max and Drew. I am hoping they are sequel bait because I would love to see them meet up again. They were heartbreaking. Poor Max & Drew.

Ditto Cassandra and Alex.

Fantastic read all around!