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Enslaved in Shadows (Shadow Unit, #1)

Enslaved in Shadows (Shadow Unit, #1) - Tigris Eden I wish I had known ahead of time that this book ended in a cliffhanger. And not just a cliffhanger, the story is basically unresolved. What was supposedly a romance for the main couple Jes and Draven does not end with the couple together in a resolved relationship. I don't mind sequels or series even, but I dislike the feeling that I NEED to buy the next installment just to finish the story. Knocked of a few stars for me.

As I was reading along I was somewhat enjoying the book. However it did have some plotting/logic problems and some grammar/homonym errors. But the ending just frankly soured any goodwill I had.

First, I was never sure how much time elapsed once Jes and Draven reconnected after having a one night stand five years earlier. Days? Weeks? The gist of the story is basically Draven and his team of Supernatural commando guys are trying to find and stop Jes' ex-husband who runs a business of kidnapping and selling the blood of vampires. Jes has information for the team and needs protection. Most of the plot has all the team, including Jes, careening from place to place to find where the ex-husband is keeping the kidnapped vampires. But Jes and Draven manage to find time to have sex, a lot, and sorta fall in love. So yeah, I was very muddy on the timeline.

Midway through, the plot shifts as we learn that Jes' ex is really just a pawn and there is some other big bad out there. So at this point I wasn't sure why Jes' information was still necessary since it was clear it had no real value. Also, I wondered how Jes, a woman who by all accounts had been so severely abused by her husband (she was kept locked up and isolated from her friends and family) managed to get away from him long enough to actually get a divorce?

Second, I wondered how long Draven and his team actually worked together? For a unit, they knew surprisingly little about each other. Every time something bad happened or they got into a jam of some sort a team member revealed a supernatural power that the other team members seemed surprised or shocked by. And the bad guys always seemed to know where they were going to be and always seemed to manage to kidnap or harm Jes right under their noses.

Third, I was not impressed with the villain. I like a well constructed villain. One that I can root against but also appreciate for his/her diabolical schemes. This was not the case. The villain just kind of appears at the end and is just super powerful and evil. No hint of really up to that point who or what he was or what he wants.

Finally, I thought the ending just fell apart for me and not just because of the cliffhanger. Too much happened in the last two-to-three chapters that hadn't been adequately set up and prepared in the whole first part of the book. I still don't get why Jes is so important. I know she is the heroine but what made her so special that she needed to be kidnapped all the time?

The book included a lot of sex scenes. Some sex scenes went on for half a chapter. I think the time would have been better spent developing the story more.

I think you can create ongoing suspense for a multi-part series while still creating an installment that has a sense of a story satisfyingly told. I don't think that happened here. More importantly, I am not at all tempted to read the second installment.