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Head Over Heels (Urban Fairytales, #1) - Lena Matthews And erotica that is actually a little on the sweet side. This is a modern re-telling of Cinderella and is very, very faithful to it. Cyn works in her father's shoe store called The Glass Slipper. She has the requisite awful step-mother and two trifling step-sisters.

At a party she meets a rich, handsome movie mogul who, in true princely fashion ,sets out to sweep her off her feet.

There is really nothing that sets this book out from the pack. Cyn was nice and Parker was hot. The writing was fun a nd the story zipped buy. Her two fairy-godmothers were tongue-in-cheekily embodied by two of her best gay friends one of whom is a transvestite. Truthfully, MeShell and Miller were highlights of the book and not in an over-the-top ZOMG! LOOK! Gay Queens! way. But rather in great-dialogue and were more fun to read about than the awful step-sisters way. And for some reason I kept picturing MeShell as Shangela from RuPaul's drag race.

Cute book.