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Seedling (Deathlands)

Seedling (Deathlands, #13) - James Axler So I came across these books in a box in our barn. I started idly leafing through it and became surprisingly engrossed. Surprising because even though I read a lot across genres, this is pretty much outside my wheelhouse. It is described as 'Men's Fiction/Action Adventure'.

This is book 13 of apparently a 90+ book series that follows a small group of 6 people as they traverse the US 100 years after a nuclear holocaust going from adventure to adventure. I couldn't find any books earlier than this in the box, but that doesn't matter, I managed to get the gist pretty good just from reading this one. The world is a very different place. The aftermath of the nuclear war has caused mutations in people as well as climate and geographical changes to the US. This series takes place in a true post-apocalyptic dystopia. There doesn't seem to be anywhere where people are completely safe.

One member of the group was actually alive during the 1960s and was cryogenically frozen only to be awakened during the present time. Another member was part born in the 1800s and was part of a time travel experiment. These two exist to give present day context and pepper the rest of the group with cultural references they don't understand but the reader will. In this one the group find themselves in New York. No skyscrapers are left, Grand Central is a husk and they can only tell where the park used to be because there is no rubble there just mud.

I found the writing to be spare yet still oddly descriptive and very much in keeping with the episodic nature of the stories. The action was quick and the storytelling precise. I finished it quickly and found myself pulling out the next one.