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Good Tidings (Mary O'Reilly, #2) - Terri Reid 3.5 stars

Still enjoying this surprising little series. Mary is a an ex cop who was shot in the line of duty and died on the operating table. However, she was revived but when she did she became a ghost magnet. Restless spirits seek her out to help them finish unfinished business so they can finally rest. Most of the ghosts that come to her want her to find their murderers but still others just want to make sure they communicate one last important thing to someone who is still living.

In this one Mary actually has 3 main clients. One is the deceased older brother of a newborn that was just snatched in a baby-selling ring. He alerts Mary to the kidnapping and gives her enough information that the police are able to break up the ring.

The second is a deceased prostitute who is surprised to learn she was murdered by a guy who professed his love.

And the third is a young soldier who died in combat who is desperately trying to find his last letter to his girlfriend.

Of the three plot-lines, the second one makes up the bulk of the story. In fact as I was reading I thought the kidnapping plot would be the main thrust of the book, but it wasn't. Because of the involvement of the ghost it is pretty straightforward and had little to no suspense element. But the deceased prostitute storyline appears as an offshoot. I actually liked the transition between the two cases because for awhile I didn't realize it was a second case just a series of weird events.

The second case provides the bulk of suspense and danger because even though you know who the killer is you don't know why and he turns out to be pretty dangerous.

On the romance front, Mary and Bradley's relationship moves firmly from the 'dancing around the issue' to 'acknowledging they are attracted' to 'declaring themselves' by the end of the book. But of course Bradley's marital status is still a big question mark. Is his wife still alive and simply missing? Or is she dead? The book ends with a definitive answer and sets up the next installment nicely.

I ultimately gave the book a 3.5 rating because as much as I am liking this, it is a bit plot heavy for my tastes. We get very little character exploration of either Mary or Bradley. They just careened from one thing to another, while flirting a lot. There were very few 'down-time' moments where we simply get to know them.

I also love great supporting characters, so I was glad to see that we got to meet Mary's family, especially her brother Sean. But Mary's personal orbit is very, very small. She seems to only know two people other than Bradley. Stanley and Rose, her two main supporting characters, strike me as a bit too precious.

Still, I am truly enjoying this series so far and plan to read the next one.