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Wild Horses: Cold, Cold Winter

Wild Horses: Cold, Cold Winter - Asha King I really enjoyed the very first novella that I read by this author Wild Horses that also featured the two main characters in this book, Adam and Daniyah.

Many of the same strengths from that first book are present here: strong writing, great humor, and excellent chemistry between the two main characters.

However my biggest minus with this "book" (notice the quotation marks) is it's length. On the Kindle this story ends at location #857 That is not a book. Having read this in under an hour, it felt more like an extended epilogue.

Is it cute? Yes. Is it nice to revisit Dani and Adam? Sure it is. Did I enjoy this re-visit. Heck yeah.

Did I feel like I got a good value for the price? Not really.

If you like the first book and want to re-visit the couple and don't really care about length, then you will really enjoy this.

I will say this has been an object lesson. I will definitely be more careful about researching word-count and length before purchasing again.