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Nyphron Rising (The Riyria Revelations, #3)

Nyphron Rising (The Riyria Revelations, #3) - Michael J. Sullivan In which...

....The Empire is on the rise, war is sweeping the land, people are scared and running. Shit just got real y'all!

....Royce comes clean to Hadrian about what he learned. Hadrian is pissed and then pleased and then on a mission. I liked that this did not drag out.

....Arista becomes just a little bit gangsta. And thus my opinion on her does a complete 180.

....Thrace/Modina is imprisoned, depressed, catatonic, and basically full on emo. And thus my opinion of her does a complete 180.

....We are introduced to Amilia who is either the pluckiest/luckiest little maid in the universe or a future Force to Be Reckoned With. Only time and 3 remaining books will tell.

....We learn that Degan Gaunt isn't just a cool name. He actually has a purpose. Maybe. Only time and 3 remaining books will tell.

Still grooving on this series. Lots of nice little twists and turns and the momentum & stakes are ramping up great. The villains are nicely villainous without being mustache twirly. And the protagonists are smart and resourceful without being overly precious.