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Last Dragon Standing (Dragon Kin, #4)

Last Dragon Standing (Dragon Kin, #4) - G.A. Aiken Crazy. Sexy. Funny.

4 book in the Dragon Kin series features youngest sibling, Keita and her relationship with Ragnar, one of the Northern Lightning dragons.

I wasn't very sure about this one at first. I didn't love it right out the box like I did the other three books in the series. Possibly because I wasn't really invested in Keita. She is all but invisible in the previous books, for good reason as we learn in this one.

As the book get's going, about 1/3 of the way through, it kicks into gear and the different threads come together. This one was more actiony than the previous three. As the book nears the climax, there are two major developments happening, one on the homefront with Annwyl's god-born children and one of the courtly intrigue front. Aiken, switches between the two with quick actiony jump cuts that brings to mind a great action film. Very effective.

I love the overarcing myth of the series that started in the first book with Annwyl and continues right through this one. If ends at a great place, setting them up for war and positioning all the various players in different places. So I am looking forward to the next book to see what happens with everybody. Big bonus if the next book is Izzy and Eibhear's book. Those two have been circling each other since book two and had a major development in this one.