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Fighting Fair

Fighting Fair - Anne Calhoun Anne Calhoun needs to write another full length story stat!! Her Liberating Lacey is a five-star favorite of mine.

This book is a little shorty that only whetted my appetite for this couple.

This is the story about a marriage in trouble. Natalie and her husband have drifted apart over 10 years as work an ambition seems to have taken over where togetherness and love were. When we first meet Natalie and Shane they are at a couples therapy (where Shane was late and doesn't believe they need). Their conversation is that office exposes how deeply troubled their marriage is.

As the short story progresses, Shane begins to realize how very close he is to losing hi wife an sets out to correct it.

The thing that stands out for me, is that even in this little story, Ms. Calhoun manages to get to the essence of these characters and their marriage and presents to us a tight, but vivid picture of a period in their lives. I loved how easily the writing sucked me in and slipped me right into the lives of these people.

I give this 4-stars because, really, the writing and storytelling is stellar. But frankly, it was too short! It needed length to delve into what brought them to this pass. It takes time to build back trust and a solid foundation. And I don't doubt the author could have done it and convinced me that Natalie and Shane would be ok and happy again in the end. But as it is, I was a bit disappointed that super-hot sexxy sex seemed to have solved a problem that was 10 years in the making. In the end I wasn't 100% convinced.